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January 05, 2016  •  3 Comments

Welcome friends to my first blog of 2016.  Please be patient with me as this is a work in progress.  It will get better as we go along through the year.

Looking back on 2015, we continued classes at Rio Vista Recreation center with the Introduction to Digital Photography and a few advanced classes.  

The City of Peoria has not seen fit to increase funding so we did not expand the photography program as much as I would have liked.  With your continuing

suggestions to the leadership of Rio Vista we can expect more in the future.


We are starting off this year with some welcomed rain to fuel the wildflower bloom that will start in mid to late February.  To that end, I will schedule

workshops both weekdays and weekends in late February, March and April for wildflower field trips.  I have a data base of many of the photography students

so I'll let you know about the schedule.  I will put up another album just of wild flowers for you to visit and get inspired.  


Here's a basic article on photographing wild flowers.  http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-photograph-wildflowers.html

I'll be posting more information over the coming days and weeks so look for that.  


You can use you zoom lenses for flower photos and also use macro techniques.  I've gotten good images with both techniques.  Bob Lancaster has an album on

Wild Flowers at http://www.wildflowersphotography.com/p458703956.  You might check out.   I also have an album titled Flora that you might check out.  As I

said , I'll put more up on that album soon.


Thats all for now






John Schartow(non-registered)
John, did you plan that this message would be gray letters on black background, or was it written at night?
Shari Kelley(non-registered)
I am really looking forward to reading your blog and continuing to learn more about photography. I appreciate the links about the wildflowers you sent. Best wishes to you for a happy new year!
Jane Davis(non-registered)
Thanks for the information-my work schedule now may prevent me from coming-but weekend options are great-Thanks!
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